A Musical Showman with Absolute Flair & Finesse

Electric Violinist / Pianist / Songwriter & Producer Dennis Lau 刘凯彦  holds no bars when it comes to Live Performances.


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A Music Prodigy

Dennis is a UCSI Bachelors of Music graduate under the Newcastle Australian Music Degree Program. Dennis began his musical adventure with the piano at the tender age of 3 and became one of the youngest ever in Malaysia to reach Grade 8 by the age of 11. 

He then went on to obtain several diplomas in classical piano including the ATCL, A.M.U.S.A, Dip ABRSM and LGSM (hons). Dennis’s violin training started at the age of 8, under the tutelage of Miss Nora Kim and Mr. Andrew Chye. He later obtained the ATCL Diploma at the age of 15. 

This music prodigy was the Award Winner for Outstanding Performance for the world class Trinity College of London, LTCL examinations.  Dennis was subsequently awarded for Outstanding Performance in Violin during his FTCL examinations, by the Trinity College of London.

A Musical Journey

Having launched his maiden music album (DiversiFy) in 2009, Dennis has since performed in all 5 Continents; countries include Melbourne, Thailand, Singapore, Korea, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Korea & London. Subsequently, he launched 2 more albums namely DiversiFy Limited Edition in 2010 & The Journey in 2015.

He was the first instrumentalist / violinist in Malaysia to have successfully held 2 (Two) Sold Out Full Scale Concert of 3000 pax each led by Award Winning Music Director Aubrey Suwito in year 2016 (#DLThePhoenixRising) and 2019 (#DLTheChosen Concert). He is known to take the stage by storm in terms of his weapon of choice. He was the first performing artist in the world to use a customised Six-String 24K GOLD PLATED Phoenix Inspired Electric Violin designed and hand made by famed Guitar maker - Alistair Hay of Ireland. 

A Diverse Talent

Dennis is also an acclaimed Music Producer, having written several singles for various artistes. His forte in R&B music caused his compositions to exude a distinct yet signature relaxing style enjoyed by many. He has thus far collaborated with numerous artists including R&B Singer - David Tao, Lee Hom, Ning Baizura, Siti Nurhaliza, Namewee, Aisyah Aziz, Tay Kewei of Singapore, Beatboxer Shawn Lee and a many others.  He has also acted in Malaysian blockbuster movies including Nasi Lemak 2.0 and Hantu Gangster.

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Dennis has performed for titans of various industries from all over the world.

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Dennis, you are the pride, not only to the UCSI University, but also to the nation. You are the shining ambassador, not only to the UCSI Community, but also to the music industry.

Dato' Dr. Peter Ng
Chairman of UCSI Group

Mosaic Entertainment Group is a great one-stop, worry-free solution to event /wedding entertainment with a myriad of talents to suit the right mood.

Yuri Wong
Founder of The Factory Music Studio

The new generation of artist management specializing in music inspired performers of Mosaic Entertainment Group led by the ever talented Dennis Lau.

Soren Ravn
Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia

Never fail to amaze me with his unique blend and skill of putting his music abilities together.

Winnie Loo
Founder of A Cut Above

Get mesmerised by Malaysia's most breath-taking performer for your next event.

Whether it be performing for prestigious events, festivals or as a speaker in TedX, garnering multiple awards and accolades for his contributions, Dennis Lau is known for his finesse, showmanship, determination and ability to adapt to different music genres.

With much achieved yet even more to be accomplished, Lau reached out to the independent, non-profit organisation Teach For Malaysia (TFM) for an excursion to explore an inspiration. Grateful to have discovered music from a place where only he could prove it to himself, Lau embarked on a collaborative journey with TFM to empower deserving yet underprivileged children to believe that their musical talent should not be inhibited by the circumstance in which they are born into – because everyone is chosen to succeed. 

Ultimately, the Dennis Lau brand will become a resounding name beyond performance to a far higher calling in nurturing and realising the hopes and dreams of young hidden talents.

Indeed he is The Chosen One - Born, Raised and Tuned to Acquire Excellence. #DLTheChosen